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Social Bonding - Bellydance Adventures!
Natalie Eastern Roses

Belly Dance is a skilled and beautiful and ancient art form. It is a fun and enjoyable way to keep fit with its roots buried deep in the past. The dance was performed by women for women as a celebration of femininity and sensuality.

There are many different theories about the origin of belly dance. It appears to have its roots in several ancient cultures from the Middle-East, to India, to the orient. There are many different styles and variation, but the core movements remain; spirals, circles, hypnotic undulations and shimmies characterise this ancient dance. With elements of earth, fire, air, and water, the movements mimic the everlasting cycle of life and the dance of nature. The movement of the hips and abdomen signify the fertility of life, and the bare feet represent the connection with the earth. Belly dance celebrates the body whilst gently toning and encouraging flexibility, endurance and strength.

Belly dance has a positive effect on psychological and emotional wellbeing. It connects the emotional centers of the brain and has a truly positive impact on health.

  • The movements work the back muscles that surround the spine giving you improved posture. It increases range of motion and flexibility keeping the body young by promoting a healthy spine. 

  • It reduces anxiety & depression improving mood by focusing the mind on simple things that bring you joy. It can even ground us when we are feeling less than our usual selves. 

  • Social bonding; The classes have a warm and welcoming atmosphere and our students enjoy learning in friendly and supportive environment.

  • Belly dance boosts self-esteem.

  • It improves Co-ordination.

  • Belly dance not only burns calories but it also stimulates the digestive system and increases metabolism improving fitness.

  • Belly dance evokes our creativity!

  • Belly dance is liberating! You lose yourself in music & movement. 

  • It promotes positive body image- Belly dance does not discriminate between age, shape or size, it looks good on everyone.

That’s not all! For any students seeking a little fun and an adventure outside of class time we always have exciting upcoming events to look forwards to. There can range from wonderful Hafla/Soiree evenings out to special dance trips away providing great memorable experiences together. 

The students have enjoyed dance trips to Jersey three times, Flamenco in Barcelona in 2016, Borwick Castle in May 2017 & 18, and we are off to again to Torquay for a Belly dance Adventure weekend in September and October 2019. It’s fun all the way!

Sitara Dance in Barcelona
Sitara Dance in Barcelona
Sitara Dance in Barcelona
See our GALLERY for more images of the adventures with Sitara Dance!
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