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Sitara Eastern Roses


Sitara is a professional instructor, choreographer and performer based in Essex who has been teaching and performing belly dance since 2002. She was born to Hungarian parents and is fluent in Hungarian. She has been invited to dance at many top London Venues such as The Millennium Hotel, Planet Egypt, London University, Oxford University in front of the Turkish Ambassador, and for Friends of The Petrie Museum to name but a few. She has toured with the famous belly dance break beat band Oojami and has also been featured in a BBC Period drama.

In 2011 she made it through to the judges live auditions with her troupe Eastern Roses on Sky1 HD Got to Dance only just missing the opportunity to make it through to the live vote semi-finals. They were invited back the following year as ‘extras’ for the programme. Sitara has also appeared on the opening credits of Britain's Got Talent in 2012.

Sitara is also the founder and director of two hugely successful belly dance shows: Belly Dance Odyssey—Quest for the Precious Stone (Towngate Theatre Basildon 2011), and Belly Dance Odyssey 2—The Magic Lives on (Civic Theatre Chelmsford 2015). She is also the founder of the Arabian Themed belly dance club night ‘Shimmy-Licous’ held in Rochford Essex.

Sitara’s passion for dancing began at the tender age of 7 when she discovered her natural affinity for dancing through tap, classical ballet, and Jazz classes. Her dancing school would perform regularly in theatre shows and it was there that her desire to further her dancing dream first began.

Nurturing an interest in continental dance styles, she later went on to take up Salsa and travelled abroad to expand her dance knowledge. It was during a trip to Turkey that Sitara discovered belly dancing and was immediately mesmerised by this mystic ancient art form that was to become her passion.


Over the years Sitara has studied with many local and UK based teachers introducing her to Turkish and Egyptian styles of belly dance. She has studied with Hossam & Serena Ramzy on several occasions and has attended workshops with many of the JWAAD teachers including Kay Taylor, Galit Mersand and many more.

Sitara holds a JWAAD Foundation Course Certificate which she completed in 2009. Always keen to further her development Sitara sought to be trained by the most experienced in the field of belly dance and is devoted to her ongoing training in London from Internationally acclaimed teachers. Her training includes some of the most award winning belly dancers in the industry such as Ansuya, Sonia Ochoa, Amar Gamal, Rachel Brice & Bozenka (all USA Bellydance Superstars), Aziza (USA) Leyla Jouvana (Germany) Sahira (Houston Texas), Raqia Hassan (Cairo) & Frederique David (San Francisco). Her biggest inspiration has always been the Belly Dance Superstars.

Sitara was approached by Miles Copeland in 2004 to audition for the Bellydance Superstars but due to personal commitments had to decline the offer. Sitara also previously certified in Zumba in 2010 and she also holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.


Sitara with Miles Copeland

Sitara with Miles Copeland from Bellydance Superstars

Sitara is deeply inspired by the world of belly dance. With over a decade of teaching and performing behind her she is even more passionate and excited about the art form today and the positive effects it has on the body mind and soul. She loves how belly dance connects the physical and the emotional self as one and the personal journey each dancer takes is never ending one.

Sitara is dedicated to pass on her experience and knowledge to her students today and this is what makes her classes so successful. She is well known for her professionalism and is dedicated to the development and wellbeing of her students. Sitara dedicates long hours to choreographing new and creative routines for her students each year, keeping classes fresh and interesting. She enjoys teaching all aspects of belly dance from technique, choreography improvisation and Performance Skills to incorporating the use of props such as Silk Veils, Fan Veils, Isis Wings, Double Veil, Poi, Cane & Zills.

In 2005, Sitara formed The Eastern Roses, a professional troupe of highly talented and skilled dancers that evolved from Sitara’s earlier company, The Desert Rose Dancers. Renowned for their variety, diversity and spectacular costuming style, and dedicated to providing breathtaking performances, the Eastern Roses have been wowing audiences in venues across the South East and beyond ever since. The dancers, specifically chosen for their unique and varied talents in different aspects of belly dance, promising a varied and spectacular performance, create unforgettable, stunning shows. Sitara has devoted long hours to choreographing new and creative routines with the dancers using sagat (finger cymbals), veils, cane and sword dances.


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