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Natalie Eastern Roses


Bellydance has an extremely positive effect on both psychological and emotional well being. It connects the emotion centres of the brain resulting in a truly positive impact on health. It encourages range of motion, burns calories, increases fitness and generally works gentley but deeply on so many levels – students can see and feel the results in themselves. As students begin to master the many movements used belly dance they begin to notice some of these positive effects and enjoy an improved sense of wellbeing. Body awareness increases and dance skills develop and greatly improve over time. 

The music is extremely uplifting and there is always a friendly atmosphere in our classes. New students are made to feel very welcome and enjoy learning in a supportive enviroment.

Class timetables

Our classes are open and back to normal although pre-booking enrolment is still essential. 
Please enquire here

Weds class 8pm-9pm session is now taking enrolments
We will be learning a variety of different choreographies from beautiful veil dances to a flirty tango fusion, with technique and follow-alongs to boost flexibility and confidence!


Beginners/Intermediate Classes
The Beginners/ Intermediate classes focus on learning Technique, Isolations, Combinations and Dance Choregraphy. There are clear and detailed explainations of the movements before we attempt to put them into practise drills or combinations. Sometimes in the beginning it can be challenging to get the body and mind connected at first! It is important to be patient when you are starting out. You will be using muscles that you have never used before and it will take time and practise. There is plenty of repetition and the movements and will start to become more familiar as the weeks pass. You will know when this happens and you start to feel pretty good about yourself! Your confidence will grow as your ability develops and soon you will find yourself belly dancing!

The practise drills range from energetic shimmies, upper/lower body isolations & travelling steps to the beautiful soft slow sensual movements used in bellydance -


A new dance choreography is learned over a 10/12 week period.
Sometimes the dances incorporate the use of dance props such as beautiful silk veils, Fanveils, Isis Wings, Cane or finger Cymbols (zills) -there are always new and exciting skills to add to your dancing. The dances range from Egyptian Pop & upbeat Turkish choregraphies, Spanish Style dances with swirling skirt technique, exciting Drum Solos with plenty of locks pops and shimmies to slow sensual Goddess like dances. There are even some unusual and unique fusion pieces and we currently have over 60 wonderful choreographies to date!


Our advanced classes are aimed at experienced dancers that like a challenge and wish to further their dancing and really progress and develop as a dancer. Students learn advanced level choreography such as double veil, challenging advanced drum solos, veil poi, group formations, and floorwork. We also work on musicallity & the use of emotion in dance, the art of improvisation, stage presence and performances skills. This class also incorporates working on dancers flexibility too. 

Please note:
Attendence to the Advanced Class/Eastern Roses Troupe Training is by invite only and students must have been taking classes with Sitara previously for at least ayear in order to be eligable to train in this class.


Casual or glam there is no real dresscode as long as you can move freely and are comfortable in what you wear. A loose elasticated long skirt or leggins and a scarf to tie around your hips are ideal to start. Coin belts are available to purchase in class. We normally dance in bare feet but soft slipperlike dance shoes are also ideal.



Sitara holds occasional specialist workshops such as Double Veil, Poi Spinning, Zills or Performance Skills. Please join the mailing list to stay informed on any upcoming workshops.

If you are interested in private one to one tuition you can enquire here:

If you are currently taking classes with us and are interested in furthering your dancing and progressing to the advanced class please contact Sitara to enquire.

The body enjoys a great varied and energising fun filled workout.They also help students to achieve fluidity in dance and encourage smooth transitions.

Still undecided?  Check out what our students say HERE
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