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Belly dancing really does have a truly positive impact on both the psychological and emotional wellbeing. It can enhance lives on so many different levels. 

One of the things I love most about teaching is when I see a student grow in self-esteem and confidence as well as in their dance ability.  They seem happier generally, empowered and simply not the same person that they were when they first started out. 

Here are some of our student testimonials that describe some of the changes that our ladies have experienced since taking Sitara Dance classes.


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Sitara Eastern Roses
Sitara Eastern Roses
Antonia Michael - Brentwood Class

Toni joined the gym and got a personal trainer to change her life. If she hadn’t she never would have come across our belly dancing class. She states that three years later she no longer goes to the gym but her life is so much better.  Taking up belly dancing has given her her life back. She found herself, she values herself, and she has learned to love herself. 

Toni expresses how Tuesday evenings (bellydance class) are her favourite time of the week. She states that every time she dances she feels uplifted. She Found a beautiful quote to express how bellydancing makes her feel:

I don’t just dance, I perform, I breathe. I watch the world disappear, I release my feelings, I lead with my heart, I tear down my walls, I stop feeling sad, I lose the pain, I let go, I smile, No I don’t just dance, I do so much more.

Sparkle, shine & shimmy is Toni's new mantra!

Sitara Eastern Roses
Carmel Devine - Romford Class 

This year has been very difficult for me emotionally, but I can honestly say that the hour I have spent each week belly dancing, has been an hour where I have felt truly happy. A whole hour where I can think about nothing else but what is happening in class.

So that's what it has meant to me, something new and challenging to learn and I've loved every minute.

Sitara Eastern Roses
Caroline - Southend Class

I started Belly Dance classes at the age of 43! I love anything to do with dancing and when I saw Sitara’s poster advertising the classes I just had to try it.

Entering the classroom for my first ever class, the doubts began - would this be for me? How much belly would I actually have to show? Would I be the oldest one there? But from the moment I entered the room - smiles of encouragement, enchanting music, beautiful dance moves - I was hooked!Now, many years later, I am glad to say that I am still hooked and have appeared in a show (out wo!). My family and friends who come to watch these shows always

say how refreshing it is to see all ages, heights, shapes, and abilities dancing together with so much joy.

That is what belly dancing has brought to my life - JOY!

NOTE: This video was shot at Sitara's Southend Intermediate Class. Beginners classes are available in other locations. See CLASSES for more details

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